Tales of a Queen

Tales of a Queen is a video game that strives to breakaway from culture norms by having a strong female warrior who conquers her own castle. The goal of each level is to collect objects, defeat enemies, and get to the next level. The first level consist of you touching gems in order to get a score of 100. Once you reach the score of 100 you move to the next level. Beware of clicking on monsters, they will deduct lives from your health and eventually kill you. The next level is set in a dungeon where you make unlock a door by defeating spiders and a troll head to move into the next section of the level where you must kill a fire breathing dragon. However, after opening the treasure chest you are given the ability to shoot arrows. The last level is a platform game where you must kill the evil knight. This knight does not appear until you have collected the sword on the other side of the platform. Once you gather the sword you must collide with the knight in order to kill him and win the game. You can play my game here.


Each level has its own opener and song that introduces the level. The first song that plays in Sit, Still, Look Pretty by Daya. This song has lyrics that embodies the message of my game like lines such as  “And play dumb / Pretending that I need a boy / Who’s gonna treat me like a toy” and “This queen don’t need a king.”


The next song I choose was I’m gonna Show you Crazy by Bebe Rexha. This song is darker and about a girl being called crazy. In the society we live in, it is common for girls to be called “crazy” and “psycho” when they break out of society norms. There is also a huge pressure on girls to be perfect and fit inside a square box. Women are also told by the media on a daily basis of all the things we need to fix and what is missing in our lives. We are also told by magazines like Cosmo and People on how to dress “right” to get the perfect guy or how to “behave” to get him to fall in love with you. And it seems that as soon as we break out of and are ourselves we are called wrong or broken. Here are some lyrics as to why I choose this song:

“I’ve been searching city streets / Trying to find the missing piece like you said / And I searched hard only to find, / There’s not a single thing that’s wrong with my mind” and “There’s a war inside my head/  Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I’m broken / So I call this therapist / And she said, “Girl, you can’t be fixed, just take this. ” / I’m tired of trying to be normal / I’m always over-thinking / I’m driving myself crazy.”


For the last song I choose Run the World (GIRLS) by Beyoncé. This is the last level of the game and I wanted to have a song that is powerful and by a woman who has established herself as one of the greatest musicians ever having won multiple awards and hit songs. These are a few of the lines from this song that praises women and gives the message that as a women you are powerful and you can do it all.

“I’m repping for the girls / Who taking over the world/ Have me raise a glass / For the college grads” and “This goes out to all my girls / That’s in the club rocking the latest / Who will buy it for themselves” and lastly “My persuasion can build a nation / Endless power.”


The other element to my game is each splash page that is seen before the level starts. On the opening page the quote is “Out there may be monsters, but in you there is a Queen. If you know of monsters, and if you know of demons, then just remember, they know of you too. And they fear you because you are the Queen that can overcome them.” This quote is from Nikita Gill, however I replaced the words “Dragon” with “Queen” since it fit my story and game better. I chose this quote because it opens up the story telling the player that they are a queen and will have to defeat these demons. The next splash page for my video game has the quote: “She wore her scars as her best attire. A stunning dress made of hellfire,” by Daniel Saint. This is to deepen the story with getting into the grit of the game where you will be challenged. The last splash page is to level three which has the quote by R.H. Sin, “The most dangerous woman of all is the one who refuses to rely on your sword to save her because she carries her own.” This is a hint at the sword the player must capture in order to win the game. It again goes with the message of my game: woman are more than capable of being their own hero and conqueror.


There are four other pages to this game. When you die, you are brought to a losing page where the player has an option to either go to the Help page or the High Score Page. The Help page can be accessed on any level as well as the loser and winner page. The help page has four different sections of tips, the first is the overall game tips where the player can see hints that apply to the entire game. The three other sections are broken up by level to help the player. You also have the option of choosing any level on this page. The high score page shows the player the amount of times they played the game and the highest score they earned.


On the winner page there is a quote by R.H. Sin, “There is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes, and the will to survive resides within her soul. She is you. A warrior, a champion, a fighter, a Queen.” I picked this quote because it praises the player for their passion, hard work, and their will to keep pushing through the game. I also love the nouns used to describe the player, being a warrior, champion, fighter, and lastly, queen. These nouns aren’t something as flimsy as the comments that get thrown at girls on the daily such as telling them that they are pretty, which, yes is kind, but isn’t lastly and certainly doesn’t embody the brilliance of their character. The last quote is on the high score page by E. Corona, “Pick the woman with bruised wings and blood under her nails, she’ll show you a thing or two about survival.” Whether you win or lose, you are able to read this quote on the high score page. I chose this quote because it is not about winning, it is about the fight. It is about falling down and getting back up again. We live in a world where girls are supposed to be pretty and whole and perfect all the time. Women are supposed to be able to do everything from looking like a super model 24/7, having a full time job, cooking food for their family, being a good wife, being an awesome mom, and all the while dancing backwards in high heels. We are taught that it is not okay to fall down. And I find beauty in the falls, I find beauty in falling down, because no one is perfect and no one doesn’t have their own set of bruised wings and blood under their nails from the battles they have fought in order to get where they are.


I would like to give  a huge thank you to the following people who designed and created the following works that I used into my video game. There are some links as well that will bring you to their page where I founded their artwork. This is also the link to my game design document.


Princess warrior:

This animation was created on March 28, 2009 by Mandi Paugh and was found on Open Game Art.

Spider- Website: Vectorhq.com http://www.vectorhq.com/images/previews/470/halloween-spider-psd-439335.png I could not find an authors name, but this is the website I retrieved it from.

Troll head: Mmorpg.com   http://images.mmorpg.com/features/10169/images/Beholder1_t.png

Dragon: Website: The Spiters Resource  Author: volo Game: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Section: Bosses: Final Fantasy XI

Fireball: Website: pngimg.com http://pngimg.com/download/5996 there is no author stated.

Evil knight: website: VG Museum and you can follow this link  http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/cv-lordsofs/characters/blacknight-full.png I couldn’t find the author’s actual name but his email is MrPerfectn@aol.com and he refers to himself on the website as Mr. P.

Arrow: Open Game art, the authors name is mart, date published: March 11, 2015

Gems: Diamond http://diamondlogos.com/?page_id=102 copyright: 2016 Diamond Logos.

Opal: http://steven-universe.wikia.com/wiki/Opal

Ruby: http://pics.clipartpng.com/midle/Ruby_Heart_PNG_Clipart-804.png

Emerald: http://www.jewellerynetasia.com/en-us/colorimpex_ltd/products/585/37304/emerald-pear-cut-9-26-carat

Sapphire: http://hextcg.wikia.com/wiki/Sapphire

Treasure Chest: Open Game Art by kev93

Key: https://rocketdock.com/images/screenshots/Gold-key.png

Potions: Make a Wish – Digital Paper Set, clipart, seamless

by adorabless on website called http://adorabless.deviantart.com/

Sword: Open Game Art by Serialci

Background pictures to set scene

Opener: http://wallpoper.com/images/00/22/29/57/dark-forest_00222957.jpg

Opener Girl: http://cdn.wall-pix.net/people-3d-girls/00000427.jpg.html the creators don’t have their names, however Wall-Pix.net is their go-by.

Level one: http://images.forwallpaper.com/files/images/a/a366/a366527b/249183/cg-fantasy-castle.jpg

Transition 1: https://wiki.rpg.net/images/b/b5/Castor-dungeon.jpg

Transition 1 Girl: http://www.desktopas.com/files/2013/06/Fantasy-Art-Artwork-Archer-Girl-With-Long-Cross-Bow-1680×1050.jpg

Level 2: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/6346/ this photo is from the website rpg maker and was submitted by thedjt.

Transition 2: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/- azkjEcBI_kQ/UBPvB9oPZfI/AAAAAAAAAj4/H8Xw81vcxZw/s1600/places+of+darkness+scary+wallpaper.jpg

Transition 2 Girl: http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2013/10/20/163446/a75a6df8e982bd9869bb9e99f9e54fa7.jpg

Level 3: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevin321/4347163638 by Kevin Muse


Help page: http://images.forwallpaper.com/files/images/a/a366/a366527b/249183/cg-fantasy-castle.jpg

Loser Page: http://favim.com/image/369948/

High Score page: http://wallpoper.com/images/00/22/29/57/dark-forest_00222957.jpg


Everything was downloaded from Free Sounds

Spider sound:Hissing by VisualPony

Troll sound Evil laugh by ZyryTSounds

Gem sound: High Sparkle sound by tec studios

Dragon roar: Dragon Roar by JoelAudio

Fire sound: Fire Crackling by AntumDeluge

Potion sound: Potion Drink Regen by DrMinky

Arrow sound: bow01. By Erdie

Sword: Sword by Streety

Sit still look Pretty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPHKkewD1G0

I’m gonna show you Crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEDZZin4_eM

Who Run the World (Girls) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6U

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Epic Creations

In world where most video games star a male hero and flimsy damsel in distress who needs saving, one girl, in a video design class, decided to make her own videogame, staring a female warrior who can fight monsters, break out of prisons, conquer castles, and most importantly, do it all on her own. The game has three songs, Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya, I’m Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rehexa, and lastly, Who Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé, that represent each level and the theme of the game. Between each level there is a splash page setting the scene of the next level. Each splash page has a quote that depicts the level and the message of empowerment. Continue reading

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Final Game, Animation, and DIY – Madison

Final Game:

Help! Someone has miscounted Santa’s inventory and he can’t deliver all of his Christmas presents until everything is accounted for! Cookies must be collected and magical snowflakes must be caught! Is there only one Elf without his hands full?

In Jinglin’ Jeopardy the Player stars as Pokey, a young elf who seems to be the only one capable of collecting Santa’s last needed items. Pokey must navigate difficult moving terrain and ice spikes to bring Santa’s cookies back, and brave the elements outside of Santa’s shop on the search for special blue snowflakes that bring children a white Christmas!

Capture 2.PNG

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Joy of Creation

So the year comes to an end.


My final game project is Power of Creation. The goal of the game is to help a small alien collect the keys he needs to restart his ship by using his power to manipulate magic blocks to create and destroy the world around him. The game is centered around using the magic blocks to navigate the level and requires puzzle solving skills to traverse obstacles.

Since my initial posting, I’ve added additional story elements to contextualize the game, early-game instructions to guide the player, a pop up menu to remind the player of their controls, a streamlined design with universal web fonts, and a high score system.

Game Design Document

Final Game



My animation project is called Little Birdie. It tells the story of a newborn bird finding the inspiration to fly when it looks up to the sky.

Final Animation


My DIY project was making a bleach shirt, a process where you apply bleach to a shirt through a stencil design to customize the shirt to your liking.


DIY Blog Posting



All of my sprites and imagery were borrowed from Kenny’s Platform Art Complete Pack on opengameart.org.

All my sound effects were provided by Soundbible.com.

Thanks to all the creators for whom I’m in debt for providing these assets.

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Bob’s Great Adventure Ends…

See yah Later!

All good things must come to an end. This class has been tedious and stressful at times but I enjoyed my time in this class. Especially since some of the things we did are what I am passionate about and like to do. Starting with our DIY project where I created waterless snow globes before it was time for Christmas to our animations with my “An Unexpected Journey” to my final project with “Bob’s Great Adventure”. It has been a pleasure to say the least to have this class.  Continue reading

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Break Things

In my game “Break Things” you are responsible for playing the role of a hero accumulating points by vanquishing foes through the use of a gun and acquiring gold hearts to add to your cumulative point totals.


Game Design:

My game design can be found here http://transmedia.trinity.edu/~cwendt/constructdesign/

I changed a number of things between the first and second version of the game. In the first version, the hero is not able to look back to the right after he looks to the left for the first time. Also in the first version of the game, the first and second levels are way too similar for the game to be any fun. In the second version of the game, the second level is much more difficult and consequently fun as a result of the changes that were made. Also, I changed the graphic of the hero to make it fit in better with the rest of the game. I also changed the size of the guns and bullets to make them appear more realistic. Also, I finalyl took out the option to end the game on the front page.


The game can be found here http://transmedia.trinity.edu/~cwendt/ConstructFinalProject/FinalProject/


My animation was a game of pacman. This animation was quite difficult to make. At first there were too many moving parts and the game would freak out and display them all at the end. This was remedied by changing the types of animations.

A link can be found here: http://transmedia.trinity.edu/~cwendt/project/pacman-final.swf


DIY Project

Well, I made goat cheese in a dorm kitchen. This might have been the most interesting thing I did all semester. Link to the project can be found here https://gamesclass2016.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/making-cheese-and-taking-names/


Well, this class took me out of my comfort zone and made me accomplish things I never thought that I would accomplish.


First I would like to thank Dr. Delwiche for being so helpful with the bullets.

Secondly I would like to thank everyone that helped create the images that I used in my project.

My hero character sprite was made by Master484
It can be found here http://opengameart.org/content/open-gunner-starter-kit

I found my gun sprite on freepngimages.com a link can be found here 

The bomb sprite that I used was found on pixabay. A link can be found here 

My audio was found on youtube.com. The author of it is FranzPlays. A link can be found here

I downloaded this audio using http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ I then used Adobe Media Encoder to convert the mp3 file into a wave file which could be put into a constuct game.

The gold heart was found on a website called clker.com. A link can be found here 

A lot of my sprites were images that I found on google images.

Most of my audio was from the communication folder.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this game a possibility.



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one final hash

Hash the Potato is a game that takes the player on a journey with a dog named Schneider to make the most delicious hashbrown casserole. The first level is all about finding all the ingredients and putting them into the nice doggie bowl. But the evil Katelyn comes and steals the bowl away! The next two levels are all about finding the bowl and putting it in the oven. It’s a fun filled game, involving puppies, cornflakes, and fast moving foxes. Grab your fastest running shoes to keep up with Schneider, and play (on your computer or phone) here.


The beginning of Level 3 of Hash the Potato.

Continue reading

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