Welcome to COMM 3344. Mobile Gaming

Approximately three out of four Americans play video games, and global gaming revenue is expected to exceed $99.6 billion in 2016. In this class, we will play and analyze board games, parlor games, role-playing games, card games, and — of course — video games. Throughout the semester, we will focus much of our attention on designing and developing casual video games for mobile platforms. We will approach this topic from multiple perspectives:

  1. As players, we will play, modify, and analyze digital and non-digital games,
  2. As designers, we will create and modify digital and non-digital games, and
  3. As developers, we will create our own digital games and animations using tools such as Adobe Animate CC, Adobe Photoshop, and Construct 2.

This course involves extensive hands-on computer work, but you are not expected to come to this class with prior technical experience. This course does not require programming experience, and it is not targeted toward hard-core gamers. The only requirements are an open mind, a willingness to tackle unfamiliar technologies, and the desire to play games. A sense of humor and moderately compulsive tendencies are also a plus.


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