Assignment #1. DIY Project


You can view a larger version of the grading rubric by clicking on the image above or by reading the assignment description on TLEARN.

This assignment will culminate in two deliverables: a self-reflective blog posting and a short slide deck that will structure your three-minute presentation to the rest of the class. Your blog posting is due before class on Friday, September 9th. It should be four to six paragraphs long, and it should address the following questions elaborated in the assignment description.

You should also post a short PowerPoint slide deck that will be used to structure your three to five-minute class presentation. This will not be a text-heavy deck. Rather, it will include photographs and screenshots that document your creative process. Your presentation will cover much of the same ground as your blog posting. You should talk about what you did, explain problems that you encountered along the way, discuss guides and tutorials that you found most effective, and explain what resources fit best with your own learning style. You should upload your presentation to TLEARN before class on Friday, September 9th.


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