Stain/Art: Making a T-shirt with stencil and bleach

For my DIY project, I set out to make my own customized t-shirt design using stencils and bleach. Going into this project, my experience with anything arts and crafts related was very limited, and I’ve never attempted to modify a t-shirt personally, much less with something like bleach. All that considered, I was nervous going into this that I might not be able to replicate what I saw on the tutorials I found, on top of actually finding the materials I needed to make the project work.

To understand what I needed to do, I sought out a series of tutorials explaining the process. While looking for these guides, I had a few principles in mind. For one, their method had to be relatively simple in design and execution. I wanted something that would be easy for a newcomer to replicate without an excessive need for special materials or techniques. I also sought out resources that took care to visually show how the process worked, either through pictures or videos. While I know from experience and from the learning style survey we took that my preferred method of learning is through hands-on practice, I also gravitate towards visual learning; simply reading a guide on how to do something doesn’t quite compare to seeing it done for real, at least for me. The tutorials I found generally fit this theme, and all of them were created by people who clearly had experience and passion for creating their own t-shirt designs, so I found them to be reliable for what I wanted.

Of the sources I decided to use, I ultimately found a tutorial posted by mikesaurus on to be the most useful. Their guide showed a step-by-step process, with pictures, of how to properly bleach a shirt, showing what materials were needed, how everything should be set up, and what precautions to take. It was also among the simplest in terms of overall design; more advanced guides I found required higher-grade material and lengthier processes to create very intricate designs, but this one just required a t-shirt, bleach, and some cardboard to work, visualizing each step and listing the more specific details. The other tutorials I found helped to give me a broader idea of what direction I should take for the project and how these materials worked, as they usually had more complex approaches to the design, but ultimately they served as more of a general source of information while mikesaurus’ work served as my primary guide.

Fortunately, once I started the project the materials weren’t all that hard to come by. I bought two plain, black t-shirts to apply to bleach to alongside some pieces of cardboard to use as a makeshift stencil outline for the design, and combined an ordinary bottle of bleach with an empty spray bottle I had to apply the bleach (the spray bottle was recommended by the tutorials as an easier way of safely bleaching the shirts without overdoing it). Initially I had a specific image I wanted to try and put on the t-shirt, but once I began applying the bleach, I found that it was a little too specific; the bleach seeped a bit past the stencil lines in a way that made the original design incoherent. With that experience in mind, I shifted gears towards making a more abstract design, reshaping the stencil to accommodate for the bleach’s properties. From there I created a more distinct design with a few extra flourishes added for good measure.


This project has been an interesting learning experience for me, not just in how I’ve learned the basics for a new technique for customizing clothing, but also in coming to better understand how I learn. The peak of my understanding of what I was doing occurred when I was working with the materials myself; watching videos and following pictures helped me get to that point, but I did my best work when I had tested the waters myself and figured out how I could work with the materials I had. It’s easier for someone with a kinesthetic learning style like me to grasp a concept when I’m given the reins to play with it myself. It’s always been like that for me, especially when it comes to my field of coding in CS. Once I figured out how to use the tools I had, I was able to make my shirt into something a little more interesting, even if it wasn’t my original idea. This project helped me recognize what that style of learning was, and how I can benefit from it in the future.


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