Waterless Snow Globes


The finished product!

Waterless Snow Globes

I decided to create some cool waterless snow globes and they are just in time for the upcoming holiday season! Being able to create something with your own hands is a really great feeling. I am always used to sitting down and using a computer and programs to create what I want. It was fun to actually get out of the dorm and go shopping for the supplies that I needed and really look around the store for what I wanted to include in this project. This specific project can be done in many different styles and designs as I saw in my research online, so you are able to personalize it and make it exactly how you want. The hardest part was finding small enough objects (christmas trees, characters, etc) that would fit in the mason jar I had purchased. It also is not christmas season quite yet so only a select amount of stores had any supplies that were beneficial to me.

There is a certain order to get the completed project because some items needed to be glued down before others. The first thing I did was glue the lids together as they were two separate objects and used the Krylon glitter shimmer spray to coat the lid in a grayish tint and then sprinkled silver glitter on the applied areas to add some extra pizazz. The next thing was to glue down everything you want to the inside of the lid so the lid become the base or stage for the snow globe.

For one I used a christmas Mickey Mouse figurine because  my mom likes Mickey Mouse and I planned on giving that one to her. For the other jar, I glued down a bobblehead ceramic snowman. I used super glue so I did not have to wait that long for the glue to dry. I previously tried Elmer’s glue to try to glue the lids together but it did not stick together at all and kept coming apart.

Next I used some Twinkle Fluff to symbolize snow and just placed bits and pieces around the base around the christmas trees and figurines. After that point I could have been done and just put the jar back on but I wanted to see if I was able to put glitter on the jar as well just for some extra detail. It was successful, but I don’t know if I want to keep it that way and might just wash some of it off as it is now hard to see everything within the jar.


Finally, screwed the jar on and then you are done! I had the idea to put some lights in the jar to illuminate the inside but it was hard to find small enough lights and very few lights on the strand. Even tried to wrap the lights around the outside but I did not like how that looked. Overall, I think it came out pretty good and might changed some things in the future or even make some more.

After taking the VARK Questionnaire, I figured out I was more of a read/aural learner, which makes sense to me as I like to focus on the instructions or instructor and listen to what I need to do. I am also a big visual guy who likes to take inspiration from other works of art and change it to what I like. I looked at many different sources that had pictures to look at and step-by-step instructions on how they made their specific snow globe. Also found a couple of youtube videos that I enjoyed watching to get inspiration and ideas for my own personal snow globe. One video was almost 10 minutes but the lady built it basically with you and on camera so you can see exactly what to do and follow along with her. That was ideal for me as I could listen and visualize what I want mine to look like. The other youtube video I found was a shorter video that had some pictures of some final products and then they had a quick tutorial. The only thing that was different about their snow globes was the fact that they had huge jars and created a much bigger scaled version of snow globes. It was still good inspiration and all I had to do was scale it down some. Another source was a blog post by Angie where she posted a bunch of pictures of some of her creations. It was not a tutorial which could have been more helpful for me but it did give me something to look at and take elements of her design and apply it to mine once again. The last two sources were actual tutorials that I found the most helpful as I could read and see what the step meant. I could also go at my own pace and not have to worry about pausing and starting a video tutorial. After I was done with a step, I easily could just scroll down and do the next step. The source i used the most was one of the tutorials by TidyMom as I used most of the same supplies but had a different outcome. I did not have an elaborate search process to find the sources I wanted. “waterless snow globes” is a pretty specific search term so I did not get all these weird irrelevant searches. Then I got the original idea mainly from going on pinterest and looking up interesting DIY projects. I picked the project I wanted the most and went from there and I am pleased with the end result. Hope you guys you like it as well!



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