Packing up Pacman

The title of my movie is “Pacman”. I chose this title because it was simple and straight forward. I could have been more creative and said something like 7/8 circle with a slice of pizza missing from it eats gold circles while avoiding scary ghosts, but I made the executive decision to keep it short and sweet.

I decided to tell this story because playing pacman is a distinct memory from my childhood. As a child I distinctly remember one of the first video games I ever played being Pacman. The ability to retrieve and relive this nostalgic memory from the archives of my memory was one that I couldn’t pass up. However, there is a not so child like twist to the story I weave. For some reason pacman wouldn’t go exactly where I was telling him to go and was swerving around the screen and completely exiting the boundaries. I couldn’t quite figure out how to remedy this issue. Therefore I was forced to insert a reason as to why pacman was behaving so erratically! Having racked my mind looking for a reason that anyone would swerve around without regard for borders and the personal property of another I realized that pacman must be drunk! Therefore, one of the opening scenes became pacman drinking a beer! This in itself added another moral to the story I tell in this animation. This story is don’t drink and pacman! It’s very dangerous and you end up getting killed by the ghosts.

When it came to the color scheme of my project, my goal with the color scheme was to keep the color scheme as realistic and true to the game of pacman as possible. This meant using realistic colors that have been previously used in the pacman games. Such as keeping pacman yellow, the coins or fruits or whatever you want to call them gold and the ghosts the same colors as presented in the game. I kept the black background because that is the color of the background in Pacman. The key characters in my animation are pacman, ghost 1, ghost 2, and ghost 3.

The reusable symbols in my movie are the gold coins/fruit that pacman ran around and gobbled up. There are approximately 200 gold coins in the field of play for this movie. It was somewhat time wrenching to copy and paste in all 200 gold coins.

A new animation-related technique that I incorporated into this project was putting sound into an animation. I started on by searching “sound into animation” Then I clicked on the first video that popped up. The first video that popped up was titled “add sound to animations”  so it was exactly what I needed. The video can be found here This video lwalked me through everything that I needed to know to put sound into my animation.

While creating this movie, I ran into numerous roadblocks and frustrations. One of these frustrations was that I couldn’t figure out how to make the gold coins disappear when pacman ate them without deleting them from the very first stage in which they appear. This issue was remedied by a discussion with Dr. Delwiche about how to make it look like Pacman was eating the gold coins. Another frustration that I ran into was that my pacman wasn’t doing exactly what I wanted him to do. My pacman was rotating and doing all sorts of funny business instead of just going straight and turning on a dime. I was unable to remedy this situation and I’m still frustrated about it to a point. Another frustration that I ran into was that I would have to change and distort the size of my pacman to keep him from turning into this peculiar and extremely frustrating yellow square. This led to me performing some weird distortions on my pacman to keep him circular and happy rather than weird and squarish.


I located the artwork for my animations by using the images filter on the search engine google. I didn’t create any of the artwork in my animation by myself. All of the animations use in the project were found on the internet.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely find a way to make is so that my pacman didn’t go rouge and loop all around the screen. I would also try to find a way to make it so that I didn’t have to distort my pacman from his original shape to successfully move him around the game board.

Thinking back on this project, I definitely had a lot of fun creating my animation. Creating this animation was one of the more fun projects I have competed in my time here at Trinity. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent creating my animation and would do it all over again. After completing my project, I felt a sense of achievement that I have not felt in a while.


I found my pacman here

I found the red ghost here

I found the orange ghost here

I found the purple ghost here

I found the gold coin here

I found the background here

I found the introduction scene here

I found the pacman music here

I found the explosion sound from the explosions sound we used in class.

I found the beer here

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