Cakewalk: A Simple Yet Complicated Love Story

My animation title is called “Cakewalk”. I thought it was going to be clever and have some meaning like “oh this was easy-peasy”…but was I wrong. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be funny. But I’m not really sure how I got the idea of my animation. I think I was sitting in class, hungry, craving cake. Nothing super new…but I definitely was inspired by the idea of cake, and how much I would give to get a slice of something. In a way, I feel like we’ve all had that kind of experience where we see something and go “wow I gotta have that”, and just drop everything just to do it, or in this case, drop everything for a slice of cake.

I chose the specific color scheme because I wanted to keep this light-hearted mood with my animation. The song definitely could’ve been different, but I felt like the instrumentals fit really well with the animation even if the melody made it sound sad. Not only that, the song is one of my favorite songs so I wanted to incorporate that into my work. Another thing is that I hand drew (almost) everything because I felt like I could convey a better story, as well as consistency with my animation.(The only thing I didn’t draw was the starry background, as I felt like it’d be easier to find a cutesy background than draw it…see picture below). I did my best to keep everything similar, which was easy with the colors (thank you eye dropper tool), but the other organic shapes and whatnot required a lot of concentration. The typeface itself was kind of chosen at random since I’d only planned to have text show up maybe two times, but it also wasn’t a crucial part to my animation.


The animation itself follows a girl and her journey for cake. So there weren’t many different characters, as it was just the girl. Though she and other different things became symbols that I did use over and over again in order to convey the story, such as the cake symbol, or the backgrounds that were used in the animations. Through those animations, too, I was able to do some new things with my project. I didn’t look up any tutorials, but I definitely spent a lot of time playing around with what I had, like the mouth expanding when she’s excited to see whatever she’s seeing on the bus, while making the bus move (see below).

Through it all, I didn’t have a lot of frustrating points, besides me having to redraw several things before adding it to the animation. Though I did encounter parts where if you mess with the main symbol, and you change up any of the copies in any way, you end up changing all the copies. It wasn’t too much of a problem, as I just created more symbols, but it was a little tedious. After finishing everything, I would run the animation again within Animate, which would be fine. But after publishing, there were several parts where the animation itself would lag, making for a longer animation that intended. At least yall got to hear more of the song?

Ultimately, with hiccups included, I really enjoyed this project. I would go back and use at tablet to get better drawings or added more sound effects, but other than that, I felt like I’m satisfied with this project. It definitely could’ve been a lot worse, but I think that I can handle it better next time. The only thing I had questions on was how to fix the lagging? Maybe make the file smaller? Who knows. I’ll run it sometime in the near future…until then, catch me running to get some cake.


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