My Unhealthy Obsession

The title of my animation is “A Day in the Life of a Dr. Pepper.” I decided to tell this story based on one idea. I am obsessed with Dr. Pepper. I drink it every day and love everything about it. I thought it would be fun to make an animation based on it because I wouldn’t have to draw the actual bottle because I could find it online. I thought it would be cool to make the color scheme based around the color scheme of Dr. Pepper. That was my original idea but what I ended up doing was having the title screen maroon and the writing white. I used the exact maroon from the logo, by using the eye-drop tool. The rest of the color scheme was bright, happy colors to portray the Dr. Pepper having a fabulous day.  I decided to go with creating some of my own images as well as putting in real images I found online.


This is one of the opening scenes, where Dr. Pepper has just left the store to start his fantastic day.

I used real images of different bottles and then added physical features to them. The main character was a boy and a Dr. Pepper. I had a dog make an appearance in the park and created him from a diet Dr. Pepper. Then I had the other character be a girl and she was a cherry Dr. Pepper. I used the two human bottle symbols, multiple times throughout the different scenes. I used the Dr. Pepper symbol at leas 7 times because he was in almost every scene. The background of the city and the general store were two other symbols that I used at least twice in the animation.

I tried so hard to put something into my project that we didn’t learn in class. I looked strictly at the book How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS5 by Chris Georgenes to find new ideas. At first, I tried doing the spotlight effect. I was going to do it over the title screen that happens in the second scene. I did everything that the book told me to, but when it came down to the last step of adding a new layer that wasn’t masked, I could not figure it out at all. The whole idea of masking, is very confusing to me and I barley understand it. So I deleted everything that I did for that and decided to try something else. I found a section about fireworks and thought it would be so cool to have fireworks shooting when Dr. Pepper sees Cherry Dr. Pepper. I made the first circle, which was step 1 and was then completely confused at step 2. I decided to try something else with the words, where the letters would fly at you face from big to small. I did every single thing that the book said, but couldn’t get the animation to work the way that I wanted to, with the letters coming at your face but ending all the same size in a readable format. Even though that didn’t work out, I did learn how to break apart something you write and made certain edits to each letter separately. I deleted all the layers for that one and found one that used the bone tool and a blade of grass. I figured I could add some grass to my backgrounds and this one actually wasn’t too hard. In the process I also learned how amazing the bone tool was, who it makes things move effortlessly. When I got to the part that would transform the blade of grass I made into a field of grass, I realized that this animate does not have the spray can tool. Why would they take that out of the program? I will never know but I even tried googling it to see if it was changed to something else. But I couldn’t fine anything so then I became really upset and started to ask myself, Why even bother? But then I realized I could turn my blade of grass into some flowers and have them swaying in the background. If I had more time, I would try finding a YouTube video explaining the things I couldn’t figure out, or ask someone. But in the end, it worked out and I was happy with what I did.


This is my favorite scene of the entire animation. But you can also tell where the images look sort of pix-elated, an aftermath of my major problem with this project.

There was one time when I was fairly deep into my project, that I played my animation, and all of my animations were really choppy and slow. The graphics were also really fuzzy and pix-elated. I had not idea what happened and tried playing it on three different computers in the Comm lab. What I ended up doing was creating an all new work space, copying and pasting each part of my work into the new work space. After each time I copied the layer, I would play my layer to see if it was doing the weird slow, choppy movements. Thankfully it never happened again after I recopied everything. But after that, I made sure to save after everything I did so that if it happened again, I could possibly figure out what went wrong. I tried all of these new techniques in about a two hour session.

I located most of my images by googling what I was looking for. The only things I created by hand was; the grass, the sky, the flowers and the moon. I am not confident in my drawing skills so I stuck to real images. I did create the different characters by grouping different images together that I found on the internet. To make the dog, I used two different dog images, one for just the head. I got the tail and paws from a similar but different dog image. I actually had a lot of fun breaking down the dog and using the lasso tool to put together the dog on the diet Dr. Pepper bottle.

I am in love with the sound to my animation. I think that when it comes to movies, the music can make or break it. I went back and forth about the music that I wanted to put in. At first, I had Stubborn Love by The Lumineers in the beginning of my animation. I liked the way it sounded but it also put a different mood than the one that I ended up with. I really wanted my animation to be upbeat and show that this Dr. Pepper is really living the good life. That is why I started off with I’m Good by The Mowgli’s. It starts the animation off right away with a great upbeat feeling. The next song I chose to do was Gold Rays by Vinyl Pinups. The song starts off with birds chirping. So I used the song from the very beginning of that to the end of the animation. I wanted the chirping to be longer than it was in the song, so I edited the song in Premiere so that I only had the sound of the birds. It worked out perfectly and I was so happy with the ending product. I edited both songs in Adobe Premiere.

If I could do this project again, I wouldn’t change that much. I really liked how it turned out, especially the scene where the bottles are on the boat. I think if I could change anything, it would be to make the images look more real and not so boxy. The general store isn’t how I wanted it to turn out because that’s where the problems started that I talked about above. I would want all the images to flow more together. Maybe I would take them all to Photoshop and use a filter so that they were all the same. But overall I am really happy with how my project turned out.

Here is my animation, a day in the life of a dr. pepper.


1.I found the background of the convenience store from a website called PoP Market WebQuest.

2.I found the sun background from the boat scene at a website that is used for wallpapers and backgrounds called,

3.I found the cloud image I used during the park scene on a website that has clip art for people to use called

4. I got the image for all three of the Dr. Pepper bottles from a website that sells food called,

5. I got the image of the general store, the two dog images, and the black mouth from the Dr. Pepper from a website that has a bunch of image for kids called, Clipart Kid. and and

6. I got the image of the heart from a website that is another clip art website called, openclipart.

7. I got the image of the jet boat and the park background from a website that is powered by wikia and is called Fandom. and

8. I got the eyes and mouth that I used for the cherry Dr. Pepper and the eyes I used for the Dr. Pepper from a website for clipart called

9. I got the waves from the boat scene from a website called pixabay which I believe made this image a vector.

10. I got the shining light from when Cherry Dr. Pepper appears from a website that has many graphic images called OfficialPSDS.

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