The Reality… Bunny, Run!

Roughly about three weeks ago the students of Dr. Delwiche’s gaming class were given a project to create a movie using Adobe Animate CC. using multiple required techniques to make an animation between 45 and 60 seconds. At this time, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to create, from the plot to characters. After watching some professional animations and working on small homework assignments that incorporated Animate, I begin to brainstorm ideas. I have always loved Disney and animals as well as comedy. So one day as I tried to think of ideas, I came up with my story.

The idea was to incorporate different elements of style seen in Disney movies. In the beginning I stole an Alice in Wonderland type scene, where you are looking at the sky and it is spinning, almost like you are falling down a rabbit hole. Then the scene cuts and you are deep in a forest and see a white rabbit, again like Alice in Wonderland. The rabbit is scene jumping and moving along a forest until you see a wolf. The wolf begins to follow it and the rabbit gets scared. The rabbit then jumps into its rabbit hole to get away from the wolf. The wolf waits at the hole and for the rabbit to appear. The rabbit pops out of the rabbit hole with a carrot, like a gift or plead to not eat it. The scene then goes black and when it re-appears the wolf is covered in blood, fatter, and the carrot is on the ground untouched. The music in the background is a classical song from the movie Bambi, titled Sleeping Morning in the Woods. I picked this song because of the harmony and trustful lulling tune that makes an even bigger shock when the ending of story is the reality of the world and not the playful, hopeful, happy ending.

Originally, the title of this movie was “The Reality,” however, now the title is “Bunny, Run.” I decided to make this change because I felt that the tile “The Reality” gave away the ending, where as “Bunny, Run” sounded cuter and optimistic. I decided to tell this story because I wanted to incorporate realism and optimism as well as the idea of how trust can be broken. This movie can be watched on symbolic level as well. The bunny represents an innocent sweet trusting girl who begins to be chased by a wolf, which represents a mean jerk of a guy who wants to hunt the bunny down. The bunny, or girl, knows that the wolf, guy, is bad. She knows that the history with this guy is that he ruins girls and breaks their hearts. However, the wolf stays around the hole when she runs away. This is symbolism of a guy waiting for a girl, showing her that he can be trusted, that she isn’t just any bunny. Then as soon as the bunny is comfortable enough to trust the wolf, and brings him a present, to show that she cares about the wolf, he eats her. This is symbolism that the guy was just waiting to pounce and didn’t care about the girl at all, but only himself and his own motives. He didn’t care that she was willing to share her food and nourishment, but only his own nourishment of food, which was her. Again, this is symbolism to how this man only cared about using her love for his own gain, not caring about what she was willing to give or who he broke. bunnyrun1

Like in the story, the audience members are wondering what is going to happen. However, when you see the close up the wolf, its green eyes shining, you want to tell the bunny to run. The audience plays a role as well, being the bunny’s friend or maybe the wolf’s friend, rooting for whichever side that lines up with your morals and character. I choose to make the bunny white to show purity and innocence. I choose the bunny to have blue eyes with a pink nose to make it look cute and adorable. The wolf on the other hand was supposed to look grimy and dirty, mean, and not trustful. However, it had to be a little bit believable, where the audience would like it to be a Beauty and the Beast type movie. I choose the woods, hole, and carrot, to be very cartoon and bright, again to make it seem light and happy. Working with that trust element. When choosing the type face for the small blurbs, I choose a very plain neutral looking text with no clue as to what was going to unfold. The only typeface that changed was the color of the type on the last scene when you find out the wolf ate the bunny. The type is red because this as a “seeing his true colors” type symbol to the wolf’s character. You can view my movie here.

I had multiple copies of the wolf, bunny, forest, and carrot symbols that I used creating this film. With that being said, the wolf and bunny, were breakable and had nested timelines that were all different and made up of symbols from every part of them, including their eyes, tails, nose, whiskers, legs, arms, etc. This is because the wolf and the bunny all had to make different motions and do different things based on the scene. The new animation-related technique I used was the bunny-hole shape tween and color change I incorporated. I actually had no idea what new animate technique I was going to incorporate because I feel like we learned so much. In class and during the homework’s we learned how to create a shape tween, however, we never learned how to make it change colors. I learned how to do this just simply with playing with all the different tools in Animate. I knew that I had to incorporate a shape tween so I began playing around with shape tweens and the different ways, tools, and elements you could do with it. I didn’t find out more information on this via research online or through books, however, I did talk about it this with a classmate. We talked about the opacity and brightness/contrast tools that you can use on shapes. Again, I really just had fun with this project and went after it by just playing around and free-type learning.


I came across multiple different problems. The biggest problem I came across was my bunny jumping and the timeline moving at the proper time. Something I didn’t take into consideration when designing my story board was the complicated process of a bunny. The wolf was very easy because you just made a nested timeline of the wolf’s legs moving back and forth, then on the regular timeline, simply moving across the scene. Boom, you are done. HOWEVER, the bunny doesn’t simply move across a scene, they hop. To get the bunny’s legs, including thighs and big feet, to move and land, and turn was a change within itself in the nested timeline. Once that was perfected, I timed the bouncing of the bunny with the seconds of movement of legs. My mistake was creating this before anything else, because then I began to add things and elements before and after the bunny. This screwed up the timing of the jumping. So I then tried to go back in and fix the timing which just messed it up even more. I also tried changing the bunny’s size while it jumped as well which created a choppy look that got to the point where the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. So, I just gave up and kept it the way it was. Everything in my animation was hand-drawn except for the forests, which I edited in PhotoShop to make them look cartoon-y.

In the beginning of this project, I was terrible at Animate. I was unorganized and had no idea what I was doing. Well, I had a little bit of an idea, but now, I definitely more equipped. Doing very simple things on Animate took me a very long time and understanding the timeline was also very confusing. However, now I understand it and I am much faster with creating the basics. I think if I had to go back and create this same animation with the knowledge and skillsets I have gathered, I would do a much better job. The timing would be better on the rabbit, from the start, and it would be less choppy. As you can see the end of my animation is much better than the beginning and that is because I learned more about how to move, create. Even my wolf is much better created than my bunny. My only question that I have about Animate is how to get the back ground flowing nice. I had a lot of trouble with getting the background of the forest to move across the back at a good timing and in the right way. I tried multiple times and it looked awful. Finally, my finished product looked somewhat decent, however, I wanted to make the pictures moving across look fluid and nice. Learning how to connect the pictures and make it look synced would be really cool. I think there is definitely an easier way than what I was doing and a way to make it look better.bunnyrun3



Sound was downloaded off Youtube: Bambi Soundtrack 2. Sleepy Morning in the Woods/The Young Prince/Learning to Walk by SoulStealerSlayers at this link.

Both of the forest pictures used were from Shutter Stock.


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