The Unexpected Journey

The animation I decided to create is titled “The Unexpected Journey”. It is about a set of balloons that gets separated from their child owner and embarks on a journey that is unexpected. I chose to tell this story because I made the animation where we had to incorporate a quick transition to another scene and I randomly made the ending balloon scene where it zooms in on the balloons and the animation ends. I figured I could make a story out of it and tell how he got to space in the first place. Then everything started to fall into place once I started to think about the full plot. 

I wanted to keep the color scheme pretty bright and colorful as most of the scenes take place outdoors and I wanted to keep the mood in a happy place. Then once the changing moment in the animation happen, I would hope for it to be a funny transition to the actual journey that happened. Thought it would be good to add the quick transitions from the ball to the dad and son walking in the park and have it similar to the movies where there is a peaceful scene going on and then it cuts really quickly to a ball flying at full speed with loud noise behind it and then cut back to the peaceful scene. I originally put in more sound because I thought the animation was boring but I did not like how the sound would abruptly cut from scene to scene to a completely different sound. So I ended up taking most of the sound out and just keeping the essentials that I needed. I also did not plan to use any typeface within the animation but I felt it was right to include “the end” at the conclusion on the animation and it made sense because I end it with a black circle getting larger and covering up the balloons in the final scene so figured it would not hurt to just throw it in there. I did not any fancy font to be honest. It looked good at the default font so I rolled with it. I added a motion tween on the font to make it grow larger from very small text and I found out if you make the text a symbol as well, then it would allow the text to b tweened.


The animation is a story about a boy who gets some balloons and then gets separated from them and then the balloons go on a journey. So there was only the boy and his dad for most of the animation, but I decided to give the balloons a nice smile and eyes to make them more playful and less boring. I used a lot of symbols throughout the whole project. All of the clouds were their own symbols with their own motion tweens. I also made most of the objects in Animate or photoshop. I only found artwork for the balloon stand and the eyes of the boy and the mouth of the balloon. The airplane was also a vector image that I photoshopped into the project, but other than those things, I made everything else from scratch. I do not think I used any new and cool hip technique within Animate. I just used what I learned from the tutorials and tried to make it worm for my project.


The only frustrations that I had with the project was that I tried to copy and paste my symbols so that they could be the same size as the scene before but it would also copy the motion tweens and stuff that I had on the symbol that I copied so if I changed the motion tween on one symbol then it changed it for all the symbols throughout the project. I was not smart enough to figure out to try to drag a new symbol onto the canvas and then try to put anew motion tween on or just make a new symbol. So that caused me to have to change some of the scenes and improvise. I wanted to put a scene in there right after the boy gets hit with a dodgeball. It would have been a close up of his body with X’s over his eyes and his tongue sticking out while he releasing the balloons to start their journey upward. Instead I just had a close up of his hand and the balloons being released in slow motion. Figured it would still have the same effect and was a nice solution to the problem.

Overall I enjoyed the freedom of this project to really do whatever you want and however you want it. If there is anything I would change it would be to add more sound effects and make them transition well and then change some of the scenes because of what I just mentioned previously. But I still have to say the project came out better than I thought it would when I first started because I had no clue how it would come out in the end. One question I do have is how do I make the sound transition better and sound like it belongs? I think with sound included, it would make the animation better as a whole. In the end, The title of my animation says it all about this project, it truly turned out to be an “unexpected Journey”.



I found the smile on google images but it is from this website:

I found the kids eyes here:

The balloon stand I found on shutterstock:

Its a bird, its a plane, no its… oh… it is just a plane:

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