Omega Episode 1

The title of my animation is “Omega.” I came up with this story one day while I was with some friends discussing immortality. I was curious about what would happen to someone at the end of the world if they were cursed with immortality and invincibility. It seemed bad enough to have to lose all of your loved ones and the idea of being exiled into space sounds terrifying. I want to take this story line and explore my character’s journey as the last human ever. This animation will serve as an intro to the series aka episode 1.

This is a bit of a gloomy story. Accordingly, I decided that the colors should be dark except where the brightness is used to create a feeling of chaos. The text that I used is called Parker. When I was picking out a font, I wanted to find one that had elements similar to those found in graphic novels.

I decided to leave my character nameless but she is an immortal, invincible human being.

Almost everything that you see on screen is a reusable symbol. It was imperative that I made it this way because I was working with frame by frame animations. The ability to have reusable symbols helped this process speed up significantly because I was able to click into the next frame and drag out the image I wanted to create a flashing effect. I only used one sound clip which I purchased. It is called 2001: A Space Odyssey. I used this because my character is indeed embarking on a journey through space. The music begins very quiet and eerie throughout the beginning scenes when she discovers the world is finally ending.

I follow several animators on Vimeo and one of my favorites is Zachary Zezima. Zezima creates very colorful flashing animations like this which I derived inspiration from. I was hoping to learn more about how animators create these flashing effects in their backgrounds and I wanted to incorporate them into my animation. I found several tutorials such as How to Create a Flashing Background Effect in After Effects by AEexpert’s YouTube channel which explained how to use after effects. I was reluctant because I often find myself falling down an Adobe rabbit hole trying to get apps to work together. Moving on to solely Animate tutorials, I started with the YouTube video by GuidesTurtorials  called Create a Flashing Light Effect in Flash. Here I discovered the concept frame by frame animations. I went to the Adobe Support page where I have found much comfort from other users in the past and learned that there is an actual button called create frame by frame animation which you can use to turn large selected frames into small instances marked by individual keyframes. I am still in the process of understanding how this tool works; there are times it executes flawlessly and other times it runs very slow.

I ran into several issues throughout this assignment. When I first started, I was drawing a lot of my images but it didn’t have the graphic novel look I wanted, so I switched gears. Instead, I began using images that I heavily edited- but this resulted in animate running super slow and lagging which completely affected the telling of my story. It was supposed to have a jarring, dizzying effect, but, because it was so slow, there was no way to follow this. I ended up restarting several times  to try and fix the issues. I still haven’t figured out what was making it run so slow. I tried several strategies to try to change this such as making the images into symbols, tweening them, using frame by frame images, and even turning them into bitmaps but nothing worked. The animation works except for the lagging so for now I am providing the link to the .swf version of my animation to help you get the true effect. In the future I will post on the Adobe support page and hope someone will have a solution.

Here is the link to my slow html version (it takes a second to load).

In order to create my character I used scenes from one of my favorite shows, Orphan Black. I located specific actions that I knew I wanted to show her doing, such as looking out the window or laying in bed. I used photoshop to put all my images through the cutout filter.

If I could go back in time to when I first started this project I would have been more diligent with my organization. It would have helped me out to have everything in set places from the start. Now, I have very organized folders in my library but it took awhile since this project is so large.

To access everything including my images and Animate file click here.


My Audio consists of a version of the Space Odyssey which I purchased on Amazon.

The very first image of my character came from the Orphan Black IMDb page.

The scene when my character is in bed, first sleeping then startled awake has 2 images I used. The first from After-Ellen a website that often recaps shows after they have aired.

The second from the Tampa Bay Times in an article about the Orphan Black season 4 premiere.

The window scene came from the WordPress account Snarking Dead TV Recaps. 

The floating body seen in the final scenes came from the Orphan Black IMDB page.

I only used one earth picture which I took from a wikipedia page about the earth. I edited several instances of the same image.

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