Sample Platform Game Blog Write-Up

My platform game Paperboy Challenge is based on the struggles I faced as a young lad tasked with delivering copies of the Register-Guard to citizens of Eugene, Oregon. The challenge in this game is to deliver the newspaper while avoiding dogs, irate subscribers, and mailmen. You can learn more from consulting my game design document.

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Figure 1. Splash screen. When the game opens, the user can choose between three levels of difficulty. (Note: I didn’t really create this game. Just using these images as a prop.)

Continue describing the game and the process of creating it. What challenges did you face? What do you want to learn how to do next? Feel free to share any anecdotes and to shout out to folks in the lab who offered help. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In ac quam sit amet purus viverra rutrum. Aliquam libero turpis, vulputate non ultrices quis, vulputate a nibh. Nunc erat magna, vehicula quis vestibulum non, ornare eu nisl. Etiam non nisi eros. Morbi eget urna molestie, ultrices eros at, placerat neque. Praesent congue ornare leo. In vitae tortor neque.

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Figure 2. Gameplay screen. The goal is to increase score through successful deliveries. At certain times, a breakage bonus is also awarded.

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Almost all of the tiles and environmental assets in my game were created by a Netherlands-based game design studio called “Kenney.”  I relied heavily on their “Classic platform pack” as well as the “platform brick pack.”

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My sprites were made possible by a pixel design artist named Jason Mercado who shared his RPG Sprites Pack with the community on the site Open Game Art.

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sources that you found useful.)

I am also grateful to Matthew Cobbs for creating the Stitches: HTML 5 Sprite Sheet Generator which I used for most of my sprite sheets. When this did not work, I relied on the free version of TexturePacker.

My background music was created by my roommates Paul Kantner and Grace Slick.

Thanks to all of these people for sharing their creative work and making this game possible.

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