Riddle Me This

Head-butt letter boxes, collect spinning pixel coins, become a riddle master. Riddle Me This is a spin on traditional platform games that combines the mental challenge of solving riddles with the familiar physical mechanics of traditional platform games like Mario Super Brothers. The reward of winning the game is the player’s sense of accomplishment in acquiring the title “riddle master” and answering a range of easy to difficult riddles while constrained by a timer and limited number of riddle hints.

My inspiration for the game came from my interest in solving riddles and finding them in books and movies that I love. While my love for word puzzles drove me, all of the little elements I attempted to integrate into the game soon began to add up and made it difficult to create consistency in the game’s mechanics and visual design. This challenge really just made my game a time-suck, as I had to arrange each level’s visual elements just like the previous level and had to code each letter box, letter and letter platform individually. Although the code for each level was the same, I needed to adapt small details of the code for each individual object in the level while making sure they all functioned the way I intended. If you plan to play Riddle Me This, be prepared to experience a little frustration—riddles don’t always come easily—but also a great feeling of accomplishment in overcoming this set of difficult word puzzles. To take a go at the challenge, click here. To read my game design document, click here.


All sound effects were provided by SoundBible.com, a website for downloading free sound files.

The visual icons and animations that represented each riddle answer came from various sources. Credit to Alvara Pardo for posting the fire gif on Pinterest, a gif website called PhotoBucket for the letter icon, Rene Hernandez for the coin, Gavin Strange for the eyeball (who also does a lot of other cool pixel art), a photo stock website called ThinkStock for the door and Adriana Mallory for posting the wind sprite sheet on Pinterest.

All riddles, except for Level 6, were found at an online riddle website called DoRiddles. The riddle in Level 6 originally appeared in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit, during the chapter “Riddles in the Dark.” To read more of the riddles from this chapter, visit CliffNotes‘ take on the dialogue.

Thanks to everyone that made this game possible!

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