A Pup’s Travels

My platform game is titled “A Pup’s Travels“. This game is about a puppy who is trying to find its way home while trying to avoid enemies such as cars, birds, and even evil poop. I got the idea for this game mainly because I really like dogs, and I thought it could be fun creating a game about a puppy and what it could encounter on its travels. To learn more about the planning, take a look at the game design document.


Splash screen for “A Pup’s Travels”

While the storyline for the game may be really simple, I had fun creating the idea for it. It was fun grabbing different pieces from the sprite sheet websites in order to create a functioning platform game. First, I looked for sprite sheets of the objects and backgrounds

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 6.38.23 PM.png

Level 1


for the game. I was able to create one of the levels because of the planning done before using Construct. Once I created that level, I felt like it would have been better as a “Level 2,” so I created a different, slightly easier “Level 1.”



Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 6.39.22 PM.png

Level 2

Finding the sound effects for the game was probably the easiest part. I used Soundbible for the sound effects between the player and non-player characters. Then for the background music, I found a song that was upbeat and playful, that matched more with the game concept than a regular ukulele song.

Honestly, one of the hardest parts was finding sprite sheets for the different objects that looked similar in their art style. I was lucky enough to have found a sprite sheet that had a few of the objects I was looking for (puppy, ground, dog treat). It made finding the few other objects a little easier. Another challenge I faced was realizing that I originally had too many objects during the planning phase of the game. This resulted in fewer enemies, but I’m happy with the result. Another issue was trying to figure out how to create a “high score” using local storage on Construct 2. I was able to find several forums and YouTube videos to help me with the process, but I was unsuccessful in creating a high score within the game.

I also had some trouble with one of the sound effects being stretched out until the level was completed. I used our class email list in order to fix it, and Colby was able to give me a quick solution. Other students were also really helpful when we were working in the comm lab, even if we couldn’t find an answer (like for the high scores).

Overall, I’m very happy with the game I was able to create. I’ll be excited to see what we learn next as we continue learning more about Construct 2.


The puppy, environment, and dog treat sprites were all created by Audrey Vleugel on her account on Open Game Art.

The background used on the splash, victory, and game over screens was found on a kilobolt post (as a download file) by James Cho, a lead developer at Kilobolt Studios.

The background used in the level was found on GitHub, located in the “assets” folder on the site.

The dog house png is from OpenClipArt, created by user rdevries.

The puppy, bird, key, noise, car, and yell noises were all found on SoundBible.com

The background music was found on YouTube, uploaded by user “White Noise Relaxation.”

I also used Stitches: An HTML 5 sprite sheet generator, created by Matthew Cobbs, in order to create all of my sprite sheets.

I am so thankful for these creators, for I wouldn’t have been able to create this game without them!



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