Bob’s Great Adventure


Title Screen

My platform game is titled Bob’s Great Adventure. I could not come up with a better name so that is the result. The game is about Bob going on different adventures and killing enemies and collecting score along the way. It is based off of Super Smash Bros except my game is not on just a horizontal plane. You will go in all directions traversing the map and trying to find the end. I thought it would be a challenge to make it that way instead of being on one plane and I found out very quick that it was. To see my thought process throughout the project, check out my game design document


level 1

I would have to say I think I got way too invested in this project making everything in the level match up and have no gaps. I spent countless hours just on designing the levels alone. So I guess you could say I had a lot of fun with this project. I focused mainly on the design first and then worried about all the event sheets after. It sucks that Construct 2 does not allow you to copy event sheets because it would have come in handy. I had to input all of the events for every event sheet and most of it was repeating or duplicating from the previous event sheet I just finished. Luckily Kenney from Open Game Art had this clutch sprite sheet with everything I could possibly want in a sprite sheet so I did not have to try to find objects that matched in design and style. The first level was difficult because I made the game window size very large so I had a lot of room to fill up. The big issue I had was making the player only able to hit one block at a time to destroy them. I ended up making a objCollision sprite and made it real skinny so you couldn’t hit multiple blocks at once. The second level was also trouble because I had to find a way for the moving platform to go in a straight line but if the player falls off then you restart the level. Had to make another objCollision2 and set it to the players feet so when it collides with the floor then you destroy the floor and fall in the water. Overall, I enjoyed all the hours I spent into making this game what it is because the final product is satisfying to me. I thought making a game like this would be harder but thanks to construct 2, it was not at all.


Most of the tiles  and environmental assets I used in my game were created by a Netherlands-based game design studio called “Kenney.” I relied heavily on his “platform art deluxe” pack.

I used soundbible to get the sound effects throughout my project.

I would also like to thank Matthew Cobbs for creating the Stitches: HTML 5 Sprite Sheet Generator which I used for all of my sprite sheets when I needed them.

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