Finding A Way Home

My game, A Way Home, is based off a random idea I had sprout in my brain. I really enjoy games that involve sometimes difficult choices and I knew I had to incorporate that somehow in my own game. As a young girl, you get to travel around places you once knew and deal with a new friend to keep him happy. You can learn more specifics from my game design document.

Continue describing the game and the process of creating it. What challenges did you face? What do you want to learn how to do next? Feel free to share any anecdotes and to shout out to folks in the lab who offered help.


Making this game was definitely an experience using Construct 2. I wasn’t aware of what Construct 2 could and couldn’t achieve when planning my game, so I originally went all out. I also overestimated how well I would work with Construct 2 which put a dent in my progress at times. The most time I spent on this game was definitely with making the sprites because I did want to make everything myself and I think that was the biggest challenge. I spent over 12 hours just making every animation and every sprite.

I’m very interested in learning more about what Construct 2 can do with platformers because I explored a lot of what it could and couldn’t do, but I feel like with all they have put into it, there are more features that can turn 3 hours of tedious work into 1 hour.


The background music I used came from the communications1 network, so thank you to the Communcations Department for giving us access to their music.

I made all my sprites, titles, and animations with piskel. Piskel was created by a Swiss coder by the name of Julian Descottes who has a github account juliandescottes. Since created, there have been 20 contributers who have helped turned piskel into what it is today. Thank you Julian and all other contributers! I love piskel.

I got the fonts for my conversations from Google Fonts. It was super easy to download and install my “Press Start 2P” font.


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