hash the potato

My platform game is based on my favorite meal (or side dish, however you want to look at it) on this planet. The main character also features my dog, Schneider. As the player, you need to help Schneider gather all the ingredients to make the delicious, potatoey goodness. You can actually play my game, hash the potato but my game plan explains the whole game in extreme detail.


Figure 1: This is the screen that the player starts at. They can either click ‘play’ to start, or go check out the high score. 

I had so much fun designing and creating this game and was able to figure out most of the challenges I faced. The hardest part was trying to find the sprite sheets to match what I had imagined in my head. As it went, I had to work with what I found and had to change a few ideas around. Originally I didn’t have the enemies of a fox and girl. But I couldn’t find ants or cats that fit with the image of the dog I found. Luckily there are amazing people in this world that created the sprite sheets that I ended up using. I knew the entire time that I wanted to have cartoon looking background and found all of my images searching through google. The ingredients that I found, came from shopping websites, where you could buy them online if you really wanted. The platforms that are used through all layouts, were ones that I made. I also made the buttons that transferred you to different layouts. They were very simple to make and I used Photoshop to create them.

The game is comprised of three different levels. The first level is finding each ingredient and dragging it to the bowl. The bowl is then stolen by an evil girl names Katelyn. Level 2 is going through the house trying to find it, but realizes you have to become a puppy to go outside, where the bowl was hidden in a tree house. You use a Mario related exercise to become a puppy and go to level 3, which is exceptionally harder. Once you recover the bowl and go back through the doggie door, you take the bowl to an oven, and the game is over.


Figure 2: An example of Level 1, where you have to find the ingredients and take it to the bowl.

One problem that I had and never really resolved, was the fact that sometimes my enemies would fall off their platforms. I had blocks on every platform for them to collide in, and somehow they would still fall off the layout. To try and figure it out, I made the enemies beep if they left the layout. I didn’t realize that I needed to destroy the enemies if they fell out, because they would keep falling forever. It would make a continuous, awful beeping noise and I was very stressed for a while. I then realized my problem and destroyed the enemies, causing it to only beep once. I would move around the boxes and saw that sometimes the enemies would collide and turn right back around. Other times they would randomly fall off the platform. It was never consistent so the problem was never resolved.


I am not sure who made the dog sprite sheet that I used for the main character. When I tried looking, it took me to pinterest, and the link from pinterest took me back to the google search. I am very grateful to whoever made it, shout out to them.

The single hash brown piece, was on the website for Barbaras branded cereal, while the hash brown pile was at Frebaco. The cream of mushroom can was found on a wordpress site written by Spo-reflections. The sour cream created at Breakstones, which is the brand of sour cream. The cheese was from Crystal Farms Cheese. The butter was created at PNG All, which is a website that makes pictures that are also transparent. The shredded potatoes were found at Oreida, the brand name. The bowl, oven, and chocolate puddle were created at Clip Art Kid, which has amazing pictures that are easy to use. The check mark was found at ClipArtIx. The picture of the hash brown casserole was taken from Cook Diary, which has some of the “best recipes in the world.” The fox and the girl sprite sheet were found in a blog, but everything is in Spanish. It is from A Fuga de Seratina, and I think made by, sexta-feira, who seems to be the writer of the blog. I appreciate this person very much. Annette Garza brought me the cartoon background, Xanviour gave me my living room background. My living room background was given by tsand106. German Sheppard Training Camp brought the ball that was being used by the dog to throw at enemies. I picked the red toy because it’s used specifically for Belgian Malinois to train them (which is the breed of my real dog), and I found it from Prodogz.

The music that I found was all found on YouTube. The dramatic, bum bum buuuum, was put on by Blurry Entity. The music from level 2 was called, Upbeat Pop Background Music- Party Time! and put on by MorningLightMusic. Level 1 music was called, Happy, Upbeat Background Instrumental and put on YouTube by Audio Lounge Music. The dramatic music of level 3 was called, Epic Movie/TV Intro Music- The Game is On and was from the account of Ross Bugden. The ending song was Celebration by Kool and the Gang, added by TropicalParadiseBaby’s channel. The final song is The Mowgli’s- I’m Good, by TheMowglisVevo.

I am very appreciated of every single person that has put up all these images and sounds on the internet. I am also very appreciative of the simplicity of finding it all. I thought the hardest part would be finding all the things that I would use, but everyone is so creative, that they made it easy. My final product would have been nothing without them.

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