Looking for Lamp

My platform game is called “Looking for Lamp“. A little cute thing I thought of as I had this really weird urge to watch Aladdin again. The premise of the game is you, the genie, are looking for your lamp as it seems to have been stolen. More to be seen with my game doc.


The process of creating the game took a lot of patience and no sleep. Since I’m not a very logical person, coding and whatnot isn’t the easiest thing for me. I had to refer back to older games we made for class in order to make sure I was doing the right thing/coding something that would actually work. For example, the mirroring of the character whenever they are moving: facing left and right. Small things like that. But after a while, I got the hang of it through just taking my time and actually thinking out the process. My favorite part of the game is the character select screen I created, as I struggled a bit with how I was going to get that to work. In the end it worked okay, as seen.

The game in itself was fun to make, even though I did spend a sleepless night staring at the computer screen, trying to figure out what I “coded” wrong. The game itself still has a lot of things that could be fixed, though I ironed out most of the kinks with the extra time we had to work on the game. I especially had a hard time trying to figure out why things kept appearing, like both the characters at the same time, or the keys that would randomly show up on all the levels. The music also doesn’t work the way I want it…but it still flows well? It’s up to you to decide.

Something I really want to learn is how to get the unlock/locked levels mechanism to work in a more efficient way that will actually work. I also really wanna get this high score shindig to work, in which you can just hold down a button and the leaderboard will come up.


What I really enjoyed about the project was making the characters, as all the characters, terrain, buttons, and titles were all drawn up on this website called piskelapp.com, which lets the user draw things via pixels. I really liked that I could create my own 8-bit characters and see them being used and played within the game. The only thing that I didn’t do my self was the backgrounds, sound effects, and background music.



Thank you user Cecihoney from deviantart for the desert background I used in level one, it’s lovely and works well with the game.

Thank you Potatoman Seeks the Troof for the night desert background. The colors were cute and workable with the things I wanted.

Thank you Adman32 from pixeljoint.com for providing the cave background. The boss wouldn’t have a had a place to chill if it weren’t for you.

All the sound effects were from soundbible.com, except for the zap “pews”, which were used from a cartoon called Bravest Warriors from a character called Jelly Kid. If you’re bored, I definitely recommend watching it as it’s from the same creator of Adventure Time. Just search in youtube!

Thank you Eric Skiff for the free use of his song “Come and Find Me”. I wouldn’t have finished this project without the ambient 8-bit retro songs.

Thank you Sam for showing me piskel!!!

Thank you to Dr. Delwiche and the rest of the class for chilling with each other at strange hours to get our worked finished.

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