Power of Creation

My platform/puzzle game, Power of Creation, was built on the idea of exploring the potential of Construct to create brand new gameplay mechanics beyond the basic tools provided. The game is based around the titular power of creation, a unique ability the player can utilize to manipulate the world around them, namely destroying and creating platform blocks to navigate levels. More detailed info can be found in my game design document.


My goal with this game was to introduce a brand new game mechanic that was not in the base form of Construct and use that as the basis for a game. The idea came from a brainstorming session when I thought what it’d be cool if I could make the player be able to do. The thought of a player being able to move bits of the world around them and use them to reconstruct parts of the level seemed like it would be fun, so I worked from there.

The bulk of the game-making process was simply programming in the creation mechanic, which was based around a toggle cursor that could select specific types of blocks, store them in the player’s inventory, and place them or transmute them throughout the level. Adding in the magic cursor functionality required a lot of technical trickery to make sure that everything functioned as it was supposed to when the creation process was initiated. Simply getting the cursor to pass through solid objects to select them took some creativity; I ended up disabling the solid functionality of the blocks while the cursor was active to allow it to pass through.

Going from here, I think it’d be interesting, if at all possible, to see how one could make a multiplayer game; a game that could be networked across multiple computers for several people to play at once.


All of my sprites and imagery were borrowed from Kenny’s Platform Art Complete Pack on opengameart.org.

All my sound effects were provided by Soundbible.com.

Thanks to all the creators for whom I’m in debt for providing these assets.

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