Omega Pt. 2

My platform game is simply titled Omega. The narrative of this game follows the adventures of a nameless character who appeared my animation project. This character is not only immortal but invincible as well. She has survived the destruction of earth and the human race, and is now plummeting through the dark depths of the universe.

For this first part of my game I have created 2 main levels, but you can explore some of the coming levels. You can read more about my game mechanics in my game design document and play my game here.





Level 1- Survive long enough to escape

This was one of the more time consuming projects I have had for this class. I was pretty frustrated with the way it looked for awhile and was not able to find a player skin that I really liked. I think if we keep working on this project I would really like to devote some time to the game art. I also ended up starting over because there were so many things going wrong with the previous file that it seemed more reasonable to just scrap the whole thing and start fresh. I am interested in working with the touch controls since there are a lot of different commands which require the keyboard. I am curious to see if there are options that allow me to keep the keyboard controls when you are on a computer and then switch over when you are playing on a mobile device.


I have a lot of artists to thank for their amazing work that made this game possible!

  • The backgrounds featuring images of the universe relied heavily on the work of Open Game Art user beren77.” I used the PNG files found in his “Space backdrop” pack.
  • All of the enemies, including the meteors and alien ships, as well as the lasers and power ups came from “Kenney”, a Netherlands- based design studio. The pack that I used is called “Space Shooter Redux” and can be found on Open Game Art.
  • One of the coolest assets came from Open Game Art user Rawdanitsu. Rawdanitsu’s designs typically revolve around outer space. For this project I used their pack titled “Planets and Star Sets.”
  •  My Sprites came from a variety of artists. First I would like to thank Open Game Art user Teirdalin Shadowfall for animating the work of OGA user Emerald. I found their collaboration on Emeralds post in OGA titled Loyalty Lies Monsters – Chaos Monster 01. This is where I pulled out the big spider sprite found in the 3rd level of my game. I also use Emerald’s package titled “Staffs and Wands” for my weapon options.
  • Thanks to 2D artist Bart Kelsey I was able to pull out some great tree sprites to use in my 3rd level. I found the tree illustration in Bart’s pack titled Glitch Ilmenskie underground/cave terrain. 
  •  I have game art artist Franco Giachetti to thank for the textured forest platforms which are found in my 3rd level. The platforms came from Franco’s “Handpainted Platform Tileset“.
  • 2D artist Carl Olsson, who uses the OGA username Surt, created some lovely mushroom sprites and can be found in the package “Platshrooms“.
  • Concept artist Christian, aka GLONDO, made the background of my 4th level possible in his work titled Hidden Canyon.
  • I was ecstatic when I found animator Isaac Sohn’s “Seethru sprite sheet which I used to give my character the life it needed.
  • I found my background music both on Open Game Art and Sound Bible.
  • The introductory song and level one song came from musician Trevor Lentz  I found his work within Open Game Art and it is titled “Lines of Code“.
  • Mark DiAngelo and Mike Koenig, both sound creators on Sound Bible, created all of my sound effects. These sounds include the “Bleep” “Realistic Punch” and “Star shooting“.


Thank you everyone for making this game possible!

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