OMEGA 2.5 and Games Class Portfolio

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The world has ended and you are the last surviving human, an invincible immortal who has been launched into the never ending depths of space. In your space travels you have encountered signs of life, mostly peaceful… Until now. Your character suddenly finds themselves in the midst of an alien war and it is the only thing standing in the way of you and the nearest planet. In this episode of OMEGA, you must make your way past the alien war zone and asteroid belt in hopes of finally reaching a new home.

This most recent release of OMEGA has seen the following updates:


  1. A lives variable has been implemented! Previous versions of this game had immediate termination if you struck an alien ship, making the game almost impossible for beginners who were unfamiliar with the layout.
  2. The main character sprite now has movement animations! Move left, right, or jump! Your character is animated to match your movements.
  3. Level 1 rules have changed. In previous versions, you were required to survive just long enough to escape through the barrier of asteroids. Now, you must collect a laser power up and use it to defeat enemies. Once you defeat enough enemies and collect a score of 200 points or more, you unlock a black hole portal and are transported to level 2.
  4. Updated laser sprites and a new weapon is now available.
  5. Fixed the bug that did not allow the player to shoot to the left.
  6. Updated tutorials.


  1. You now have the ability to collect a weapon and destroy asteroids. Previous versions did not allow you to protect yourself from the rocks and it was very easy to die.
  2. There are now new platforms which can keep the character from falling prematurely.
  3. You are given compass directions to help direct you through the layout. Previous versions were a guess and check game, meaning that some players reported having no idea what to do.
  4. Updated tutorials and warning signs!
  5. The score variable is carried on to this level. You can now destroy asteroids and collect more points. In previous versions, your sole purpose was to make it to the end of the layout and escape into a new planet.


  1. You now have to collect the highest score to emerge victorious among other players. If you do not make it past level 2, you do not receive a high score placement.
  2. There is now easier access to restart a layout. If you restart level 1, your points are erased and you completely reset. If you restart level 2, you lose 200 points.
  3. A background story has been implemented to the game followed with tutorials!
  4. New and improved typefaces to fit in with the outer space field!


  1. Implemented touch controls! This version only allows you to move left, right, and shoot!
  2. There is no jump option ready yet. While it is possible to advance through the levels, it is very difficult to win.


WANT TO LEARN MORE? Read the design document!


The animation that started it all: OMEGA Episode 1 is the story of how the last human found out that the world was coming to an end. Serving as the inspiration for my Construct 2 game, this animation is Part One of the series. While the construct game follows the journey my character goes on while in space, the animation shows how she ended up there in the first place.

You can watch OMEGA Episode 1 here.

Learn more about it here in the original project blog posting.


As a college student, the only plants I own are succulents because I often forget to water them. When brainstorming this project, I liked the idea of starting my own herb garden that 20160909_123001watered itself. During my research, I came across the concept of an aquaponic garden. In the easiest definition, an aquaponic garden is something that uses fish waste to fertilize plants. In turn the water from the plants flows back into the tank containing the fish, clean and oxygenated.

Read more about my process of creating this project in the original blog posting here.


This class allowed me to explore gaming from a creative perspective. This has created an interest for game creating software which extends beyond Construct 2. I want to learn more about software like MAYA and UNITY, as well as virtual and augmented reality platforms.


I have a lot of artists to thank for their amazing work that made this game possible!

  • Interested in downloading the font I used? Nasalization is an ultramodern sans serif typeface created by Typodermic fonts. You can download it here on DaFont.
  • The backgrounds featuring images of the universe relied heavily on the work of Open Game Art user beren77.” I used the PNG files found in his “Space backdrop” pack.
  • All of the enemies, including the meteors and alien ships, as well as the lasers and power ups came from “Kenney”, a Netherlands- based design studio. The pack that I used is called “Space Shooter Redux” and can be found on Open Game Art.
  • One of the coolest assets came from Open Game Art user Rawdanitsu. Rawdanitsu’sdesigns typically revolve around outer space. For this project I used their pack titled “Planets and Star Sets.”
  •  My Sprites came from a variety of artists. First I would like to thank Open Game Art user Teirdalin Shadowfall for animating the work of OGA user Emerald. I found their collaboration on Emeralds post in OGA titled Loyalty Lies Monsters – Chaos Monster 01. This is where I pulled out the big spider sprite found in the 3rd level of my game. I also use Emerald’s package titled “Staffs and Wands” for my weapon options.
  • Thanks to 2D artist Bart Kelsey I was able to pull out some great tree sprites to use in my 3rd level. I found the tree illustration in Bart’s pack titled Glitch Ilmenskie underground/cave terrain. 
  •  I have game art artist Franco Giachetti to thank for the textured forest platforms which are found in my 3rd level. The platforms came from Franco’s “Handpainted Platform Tileset“.
  • 2D artist Carl Olsson, who uses the OGA username Surt, created some lovely mushroom sprites and can be found in the package “Platshrooms“.
  • Concept artist Christian, aka GLONDO, made the background of my 4th level possible in his work titled Hidden Canyon.
  • I was ecstatic when I found animator Isaac Sohn’s “Seethru sprite sheet which I used to give my character the life it needed.
  • I found my background music both on Open Game Art and Sound Bible.
  • The introductory song and level one song came from musician Trevor Lentz  I found his work within Open Game Art and it is titled “Lines of Code“.
  • Mark DiAngelo and Mike Koenig, both sound creators on Sound Bible, created all of my sound effects. These sounds include the “Bleep” “Realistic Punch” and “Star shooting“.

Thank you everyone for making this game possible!

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