Final Post!

Hey everyone! I had a lot of fun in this class. Here is my final game , game document, and  my animation from earlier in the semester!



The Opening Game Scene of A Way Home.

My game is called A Way Home. It follows the story of a girl searching for her family after escaping a house fire. In this demo game, you can make a choice to stay on your own path or help a stranger find your family.

The biggest change I decided to make with my game was adding a tutorial on every level. I decided to put the tutorial on the top right and to access it, you had to hover over the word “Tutorial” with your mouse. This was the best solution considering I made my tutorial with Adobe Photoshop. Other small changes included giving hints to know you can interact with things, fixing some music issues, and allowing people to end the game in the mini game.


The Ending Scene from Skippy.

My animation from earlier in the semester is called Skippy. This animation was about a dead dog revived by the power of friendship. Animating this was a lot of fun, but Adobe Animate was, at times, very complicated. Getting my dog to animate the way I wanted to was pretty difficult, but overall, I’m pretty proud of what I could come up with in the time we had.

My DIY Project was definitely my favorite project out of the three. I learned how to sew a small throw pillow that I still use to this day! Learning how to get into the flow of sewing was the most complicated part, but once I got that down, everything ran smoothly thanks to help from my roommate.


The background music I used came from the communications1 network, so thank you to the Communications Department for giving us access to their music.

I made all my sprites, titles, and animations with piskel. Piskel was created by a Swiss coder by the name of Julian Descottes who has a github account juliandescottes. Since created, there have been 20 contributors who have helped turned piskel into what it is today. Thank you Julian and all other contributors! I love piskel.

I got the fonts for my conversations from Google Fonts. It was super easy to download and install my “Press Start 2P” font.

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