The End-ish

Hello, class!

This is a little sad…but the band must go on.

The final game went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would. I didn’t really change up the game doc, though, as I’m crunching on time with my other impending exams (woof). But other than that, I feel a lot better about Construct 2, even though I still don’t like it. But that’s just me being a brat. It was simple enough to use, which I appreciate, but there were some bugs within the program that I wasn’t sure how to overcome. Small things I tweaked: I added a tutorial pop-up when you drag your cursor over tutorial. Though I’m not sure if it’ll work on phone, the same concept is there.


These are the revisions. Though I did take somethings out due to time and whatnot, the rest of the things went smoothly. Except the darn dictionary. Darn dictionary..

But in the end, here I am with more knowledge on this program than I ever would’ve thought. Wild, am I right?

My animation “Cakewalk” was also really fun to do, though Photoshop took a lot of getting used to. Animate CC was such a fun program to use, as I started not knowing anything. But like Construct 2, it was tedious to use at some points. Unfortunate, but oh well yaknow. I also learned a lot of valuable lessons…like it’s okay to lose your cool for a bit. I also learned the comm lab isn’t a bad place for extended naps. At least, when the lights finally turn off.


Me internally as I’m trying to finish all my finals. But actually, this is still my favorite thing I made, so far.

And last but not least, my DIY project, where I whittled a questionable object (or so I’ve been told). I wasn’t 100% on this project, but I did learn that whittling is a time-honored past time that I should’ve have taken too lightly. And spoons are a lot harder to whittle when you don’t have the right knife or wood…

Last but not least, the credits!


Thank you user Cecihoney from deviantart for the desert background I used in level one, it’s lovely and works well with the game.

Thank you Potatoman Seeks the Troof for the night desert background. The colors were cute and workable with the things I wanted.

Thank you Adman32 from for providing the cave background. The boss wouldn’t have a had a place to chill if it weren’t for you.

All the sound effects were from, except for the zap “pews”, which were used from a cartoon called Bravest Warriors from a character called Jelly Kid. If you’re bored, I definitely recommend watching it as it’s from the same creator of Adventure Time. Just search in youtube!

Thank you Eric Skiff for the free use of his song “Come and Find Me”. I wouldn’t have finished this project without the ambient 8-bit retro songs.

Thank you Sam for showing me piskel!!!

Thank you to Dr. Delwiche and the rest of the class for chilling with each other at strange hours to get our worked finished.

Thank you guys again for the class, it’s been a wild ride. People that stress together, stay together.

Have a good break games class 2016,

Hester Lee

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