The Show Must Go On

After this fall semester, I can say that I’ve been able to learn a lot about game design, animations, and learning itself. I think that’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to say.

A Pup’s Travels: Play as a puppy and find your way home! You must collect treats while avoiding enemies like bees, cars, and even evil poop. Find the 3 hams, and you will find the key to unlock the way!

I’m really happy about how my game turned out in the end. I got to add a tutorial and 3rd level, so I think that helps make the game last longer. I even got dictionaries and local storage to work, and that was honestly one of my biggest reliefs. Working on this game really makes me appreciate how much game designers have to do in order to debug/clean up their games. They may find a tiny bug, but that tiny bug can really affect the game play. Overall, I enjoyed working on this game, and I’m happy that it came out really well. Also, here is the game document. (Mobile Version)

An Unusual Friend: An animation about the story of two unlikely friends and the lack of physics.


Introduction Scene

I enjoyed working on this animation, and I’m happy was able to create my own little characters. This also showed me how much dedication it takes to make sure animations cleanly flow. Even though it’s a simple little animation, I’m still really proud of it.

DIY Project – Camera Lens Pouch:
For this project, I wanted to make a little pouch for my camera lens. The only reason I had never tried to do make it was because it was a sewing project and I didn’t know how to sew. I decided to try and create this project, and it ended up being more fun than I thought it would. It took the fear out of trying something new (even though it was something tiny).


Reflection: I’m really proud of the projects I’ve gotten to complete over the course of this semester. I was able to gain different skills, and then implement them in these projects. Even though I got frustrated several times, it’s fun getting to see the finished product come together, and those moments were worth all the work. It’s been a wonderful semester, and I’m excited to get to see what I can use these skills for in the future.


The puppy, environment, enemy, and dog treat sprites were all created by Audrey Vleugel on her account on Open Game Art.

The background used on the splash, victory, and game over screens was found on a kilobolt post (as a download file) by James Cho, a lead developer at Kilobolt Studios.

The background used in the level was found on GitHub, located in the “assets” folder on the site.

The dog house png is from OpenClipArt, created by user rdevries.

The  bee, key (from user Mike Koenig), car (from user KB), and yell (from user thecheeseman) noises were all found on

The background music was found on YouTube, uploaded by user “White Noise Relaxation” as was the puppy barking sound.

I also used Stitches: An HTML 5 sprite sheet generator, created by Matthew Cobbs, in order to create all of my sprite sheets.

I am so thankful for these creators, for I wouldn’t have been able to create this game without them!

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