Break Things

In my game “Break Things” you are responsible for playing the role of a hero accumulating points by vanquishing foes through the use of a gun and acquiring gold hearts to add to your cumulative point totals.


Game Design:

My game design can be found here

I changed a number of things between the first and second version of the game. In the first version, the hero is not able to look back to the right after he looks to the left for the first time. Also in the first version of the game, the first and second levels are way too similar for the game to be any fun. In the second version of the game, the second level is much more difficult and consequently fun as a result of the changes that were made. Also, I changed the graphic of the hero to make it fit in better with the rest of the game. I also changed the size of the guns and bullets to make them appear more realistic. Also, I finalyl took out the option to end the game on the front page.


The game can be found here


My animation was a game of pacman. This animation was quite difficult to make. At first there were too many moving parts and the game would freak out and display them all at the end. This was remedied by changing the types of animations.

A link can be found here:


DIY Project

Well, I made goat cheese in a dorm kitchen. This might have been the most interesting thing I did all semester. Link to the project can be found here


Well, this class took me out of my comfort zone and made me accomplish things I never thought that I would accomplish.


First I would like to thank Dr. Delwiche for being so helpful with the bullets.

Secondly I would like to thank everyone that helped create the images that I used in my project.

My hero character sprite was made by Master484
It can be found here

I found my gun sprite on a link can be found here 

The bomb sprite that I used was found on pixabay. A link can be found here 

My audio was found on The author of it is FranzPlays. A link can be found here

I downloaded this audio using I then used Adobe Media Encoder to convert the mp3 file into a wave file which could be put into a constuct game.

The gold heart was found on a website called A link can be found here 

A lot of my sprites were images that I found on google images.

Most of my audio was from the communication folder.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this game a possibility.



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