one final hash

Hash the Potato is a game that takes the player on a journey with a dog named Schneider to make the most delicious hashbrown casserole. The first level is all about finding all the ingredients and putting them into the nice doggie bowl. But the evil Katelyn comes and steals the bowl away! The next two levels are all about finding the bowl and putting it in the oven. It’s a fun filled game, involving puppies, cornflakes, and fast moving foxes. Grab your fastest running shoes to keep up with Schneider, and play (on your computer or phone) here.


The beginning of Level 3 of Hash the Potato.

I changed a couple major things from my first version. The major changed was that I made it so that all of the ingredients were on the screen at one time. It was a little hard having to find them one by one and some people didn’t realize that you had to find all five to move on. This way, you can gather them all at once and it will go by a little faster. The next major change was that I made a levels page. Before, if you died at any level, it would go straight


Here is Schneider taking the found bowl to the oven. 

back to the splash page. No it will take you back to the levels page so that people won’t get frustrated with having to play all levels over and over again. A major problem I had was with my enemies. The would never stay on their platforms and stopped moving when
the dog moved underneath them. I tried everything imaginable because as the normal human playing my game would not notice, I would and it would drive me insane. I never fully solved the problem, but I think I made it so that the foxes don’t fall out of the layout as much and they can still hard the player. One last change was that I made the viewing screen bigger because it was very small in the first version. It is now easier to see what you are getting into and in some ways, might even make the game a little harder.

Here is a detailed plan of my game.


Here is a screen shot of Dr. Pepper starting his day. 

At the beginning of this class, I made an animation about my second love in life, Dr Pepper. Through this minute and half video, we go on a journey of a day in the life of a Dr.
Pepper. During his day, we see him find love, go for a ride on a boat, and overall appear to have an amazing life. It was so fun to make and I have found myself going back to Animate to design different projects. It is something that I will watch in the long future and maybe someday even show my kids. Here is a day in the life of a Dr. Pepper.

Although I have had a lot of success in this class, I started on a low note. For our DIY project, I tried to make magic mud from a potato. Instead I made nothing but a millimeter of the mud. I had found a really fun video that didn’t give to many details about the amount of potatoes I really needed. If you want to find out more, read my blog, Making Magic Mud, to found how I tackled this strange project.

This has been one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Trinity. I put in hours and hours of work, but none of it was forced. I would look forward to the days that I was able to go to the comm lab and work on the assignments and nothing else. I learned so much and know that it will be things that I can apply to my future as a teacher. If anything, I can teach my students that they can do anything they put their minds to. I didn’t know anything about computers before this class, and look at me now.


I am not sure who made the dog sprite sheet that I used for the main character. When I tried looking, it took me to pinterest, and the link from pinterest took me back to the google search. I am very grateful to whoever made it, shout out to them.

The single hash brown piece, was on the website for Barbaras branded cereal, while the hash brown pile was at Frebaco. The cream of mushroom can was found on a wordpress site written by Spo-reflections. The sour cream created at Breakstones, which is the brand of sour cream. The cheese was from Crystal Farms Cheese. The butter was created at PNG All, which is a website that makes pictures that are also transparent. The shredded potatoes were found at Oreida, the brand name. The bowl, oven, and chocolate puddle were created at Clip Art Kid, which has amazing pictures that are easy to use. The check mark was found at ClipArtIx. The picture of the hash brown casserole was taken from Cook Diary, which has some of the “best recipes in the world.” The fox and the girl sprite sheet were found in a blog, but everything is in Spanish. It is from A Fuga de Seratina, and I think made by, sexta-feira, who seems to be the writer of the blog. I appreciate this person very much. Annette Garza brought me the cartoon background, Xanviour gave me my living room background. My living room background was given by tsand106. German Sheppard Training Camp brought the ball that was being used by the dog to throw at enemies. I picked the red toy because it’s used specifically for Belgian Malinois to train them (which is the breed of my real dog), and I found it from Prodogz.

The music that I found was all found on YouTube. The dramatic, bum bum buuuum, was put on by Blurry Entity. The music from level 2 was called, Upbeat Pop Background Music- Party Time! and put on by MorningLightMusic. Level 1 music was called, Happy, Upbeat Background Instrumental and put on YouTube by Audio Lounge Music. The dramatic music of level 3 was called, Epic Movie/TV Intro Music- The Game is On and was from the account of Ross Bugden. The ending song was Celebration by Kool and the Gang, added by TropicalParadiseBaby’s channel. The final song is The Mowgli’s- I’m Good, by TheMowglisVevo.

I am very appreciated of every single person that has put up all these images and sounds on the internet. I am also very appreciative of the simplicity of finding it all. I thought the hardest part would be finding all the things that I would use, but everyone is so creative, that they made it easy. My final product would have been nothing without them.


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