Bob’s Great Adventure Ends…

See yah Later!

All good things must come to an end. This class has been tedious and stressful at times but I enjoyed my time in this class. Especially since some of the things we did are what I am passionate about and like to do. Starting with our DIY project where I created waterless snow globes before it was time for Christmas to our animations with my “An Unexpected Journey” to my final project with “Bob’s Great Adventure”. It has been a pleasure to say the least to have this class. 

DIY Project-Waterless Snowglobes


Base of the globes without glass

For my DIY project I decided to make waterless snowglobes. Lots and lots of glitter of course. They came out pretty good for somebody who doesn’t make them for a living. It was a different but fun experience and maybe enjoyed it… here is the link to my original blog post.

Animation-“An Unexpected Journey”


Balloons right after sweet freedom

This animation was made using Adobe Animate CC and it was a frustrating yet fun experience learning a new program and all the tools involved. The story behind this animation is a typical one of a father and son strolling in the park and they come across a balloon stand which the son happily buys. Then a random, out of nowhere ball comes and smacks the kid in the face and thus starting the balloons unexpected journey. Just your ordinary day with your dad. Check out the animation here.

Game-Bob’s Great Adventure


Bob getting into trouble and finds himself between two hot fellows.

A Mario inspired game with most of the functionality involved. This is just your typical platformer game on the market, except it is one of the great ones they call Bob! Fight your way through maze like levels while trying to stay alive and collect the highest score in the land. Check out the game here and the game design document here.



I found the smile on google images but it is from this website:

I found the kids eyes here:

The balloon stand I found on shutterstock:

Its a bird, its a plane, no its… oh… it is just a plane:

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Most of the tiles  and environmental assets I used in my game were created by a Netherlands-based game design studio called “Kenney.” I relied heavily on his “platform art deluxe” pack.

I used soundbible to get the sound effects throughout my project.

I would also like to thank Matthew Cobbs for creating the Stitches: HTML 5 Sprite Sheet Generator which I used for all of my sprite sheets when I needed them.

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