Final Game, Animation, and DIY – Madison

Final Game:

Help! Someone has miscounted Santa’s inventory and he can’t deliver all of his Christmas presents until everything is accounted for! Cookies must be collected and magical snowflakes must be caught! Is there only one Elf without his hands full?

In Jinglin’ Jeopardy the Player stars as Pokey, a young elf who seems to be the only one capable of collecting Santa’s last needed items. Pokey must navigate difficult moving terrain and ice spikes to bring Santa’s cookies back, and brave the elements outside of Santa’s shop on the search for special blue snowflakes that bring children a white Christmas!

Capture 2.PNG

After releasing the first version of my game, there were still some changes that needed to be made.

10 Things that needed to be fixed:

  1. Pokey dies when he jumps too high or far off the screen
  2. When Pokey shoots fruit, the fruit is upside down
  3. The Game does not begin on the main layout
  4. The slope in Santa’s workshop were like invisible stairs, it should be cropped differently to match what is visible
  5. Let the player know when a level is over
  6. Create a splash screen
  7. Explain game controls and objective
  8. Switch the direction of signs so that the player knows when Pokey can use the door again
  9. Put names on the levels
  10. Add more visual padding to the HUD display

Here is the link to the game-design-document-1, as well as the final game specification sheet.

Works are credited at the end of this blog post.

Final Animation Project:

Once upon a time in a GroupMe chat frequently plagued by random chatter, a conceptual conversation arose on the topic of human burial. A friend stated he would prefer his body be ejected into the endless vacuum of space which sparked a tangent which I could not refuse to entertain…


The Bad Idea


Final DIY Project:


Ever since I can remember, my mother and I would do arts and crafts together. We would draw, sew, color, sculpt, whittle, paint and just about anything else we could occupy ourselves with. However, there has always been one craft that has eluded me… knitting. My mother would knit yard upon fabulous yard of brilliantly colored blankets, vibrant scarves, hats, and mittens, but try as I might I would inevitably fail. I became the official “yarn-detangler” of the house for my sister and my mom even though the one typically tangled in yarn was me. My little sister must have stolen the talent from me, which is entirely embarrassing. I mean, the eldest sibling is supposed to be the superior sibling at everything right?  So when we were assigned to create something outside our comfort zone, I knew that it would be on this day that I would set off on a journey to stitch my final art skill into place and claim my rightful place as Alpha sibling…

Final Game Credits:

Majority of the art I used for my game was created by an artist on called “Kenny.” I used a fair number of his packs which were all included in a massive zip file here. I also used another artist: pzUH’s Winter Tile Pack for the background of the levels.

Pokey the Elf was a piece of free Clipart posted on Media Cache that I found through Pinterest. The artist was unknown. I animated him in Adobe Animate.

Santa was also a piece of free ClipArt I found. It was posted on ChristmasPrintables, and I found it through Google. There was no artist named and I did not alter the image in any way.

The music I used in my game was a Royalty-Free original piece found on YouTube, created by The Cyberwave Orchestra entitled  “Christmas Fun”.

The sound effect I used for when Pokey loses a life was also found on YouTube, created by Sound Effects entitled “Cartoon Ouch Sound Effect”.

I would like to thank all of the content creators for making this game possible.

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