Joy of Creation

So the year comes to an end.


My final game project is Power of Creation. The goal of the game is to help a small alien collect the keys he needs to restart his ship by using his power to manipulate magic blocks to create and destroy the world around him. The game is centered around using the magic blocks to navigate the level and requires puzzle solving skills to traverse obstacles.

Since my initial posting, I’ve added additional story elements to contextualize the game, early-game instructions to guide the player, a pop up menu to remind the player of their controls, a streamlined design with universal web fonts, and a high score system.

Game Design Document

Final Game



My animation project is called Little Birdie. It tells the story of a newborn bird finding the inspiration to fly when it looks up to the sky.

Final Animation


My DIY project was making a bleach shirt, a process where you apply bleach to a shirt through a stencil design to customize the shirt to your liking.


DIY Blog Posting



All of my sprites and imagery were borrowed from Kenny’s Platform Art Complete Pack on

All my sound effects were provided by

Thanks to all the creators for whom I’m in debt for providing these assets.

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