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Bob’s Great Adventure Ends…

See yah Later! All good things must come to an end. This class has been tedious and stressful at times but I enjoyed my time in this class. Especially since some of the things we did are what I am … Continue reading

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Bob’s Great Adventure

My platform game is titled Bob’s Great Adventure. I could not come up with a better name so that is the result. The game is about Bob going on different adventures and killing enemies and collecting score along the way. … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Journey

The animation I decided to create is titled “The Unexpected Journey”. It is about a set of balloons that gets separated from their child owner and embarks on a journey that is unexpected. I chose to tell this story because … Continue reading

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Waterless Snow Globes

Waterless Snow Globes I decided to create some cool waterless snow globes and they are just in time for the upcoming holiday season! Being able to create something with your own hands is a really great feeling. I am always … Continue reading

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