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Tales of a Queen

Tales of a Queen is a video game that strives to breakaway from culture norms by having a strong female warrior who conquers her own castle. The goal of each level is to collect objects, defeat enemies, and get to … Continue reading

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Epic Creations

In world where most video games star a male hero and flimsy damsel in distress who needs saving, one girl, in a video design class, decided to make her own videogame, staring a female warrior who can fight monsters, break … Continue reading

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The Reality… Bunny, Run!

Roughly about three weeks ago the students of Dr. Delwiche’s gaming class were given a project to create a movie using Adobe Animate CC. using multiple required techniques to make an animation between 45 and 60 seconds. At this time, I had absolutely no … Continue reading

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Popsicle Style: The Perfect Ten

I was never the Betty Crocker type by any means. The extent of my cooking/food making went as far as boiling water for some pasta or anything that I could pop in the microwave and on special occasions preheating oven … Continue reading

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