The Show Must Go On

After this fall semester, I can say that I’ve been able to learn a lot about game design, animations, and learning itself. I think that’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to say.

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OMEGA 2.5 and Games Class Portfolio

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 9.39.48 PM.png


The world has ended and you are the last surviving human, an invincible immortal who has been launched into the never ending depths of space. In your space travels you have encountered signs of life, mostly peaceful… Until now. Your character suddenly finds themselves in the midst of an alien war and it is the only thing standing in the way of you and the nearest planet. In this episode of OMEGA, you must make your way past the alien war zone and asteroid belt in hopes of finally reaching a new home.

This most recent release of OMEGA has seen the following updates:

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The End-ish

Hello, class!

This is a little sad…but the band must go on.

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Riddle Me This. Take II.


Over the course of this semester, I created a spin-off platform game called “Riddle Me This” using Construct 2, a short animation titled “Portal” using Adobe Animate CC, and a DIY camera stand using my own two hands. The following blog post covers these three projects and links to view the creations themselves. Happy viewing!

Riddle Me This


Level 2 of “Riddle Me This” challenges the player to solve a riddle in order to move closer to becoming riddle master.

Head-butt letter boxes, collect spinning pixel coins, become a riddle master. Riddle Me This is a spin on traditional platform games that combines the mental challenge of solving riddles with the familiar physical mechanics of traditional platform games like Mario Super Brothers. The reward of winning the game is the player’s sense of accomplishment in acquiring the title “riddle master” and answering a range of easy to difficult riddles while constrained by a timer and limited number of riddle hints.


The updates and expansions I changed in the second version of the game are listed below:


The list of bugs needing fixing and expansions needing working was great.

To take a go at the challenge, click here. To read my game design document, click here.



A screenshot of the Animate CC animation “Portal.”

This short animation was an Animate CC learning experience and chance for me to animate my drawings. The Valve Corporation game “Portal” and daily experience using and watching others use smartphones inspired this commentary project. To watch the original animation, click here.

Do It Yourself


The PVC mount screws into the bottom of standard DSLR cameras.

In response to this class’ DIY challenge, I constructed a portable, PVC pipe camera stand, which holds a standard DSLR camera using only PVC pipe, a screw, a nut, and a washer. To read the original blog post, click here.

Last Minute Reflections on the Last Fall Semester

I’ve learned how to use so many new design and code programs and surprised myself in realizing that I may enjoy coding, despite how difficult and frustrating it can be at times. I never thought creating a game or animating my art would be something possible for me. These projects have opened my eyes to new creative possibilities that I’ll keep with me during my last semester of college and after graduation.

Credits for Riddle Me This

All sound effects were provided by, a website for downloading free sound files.

The visual icons and animations that represented each riddle answer came from various sources. Credit to Alvara Pardo for posting the fire gif on Pinterest, a gif website called PhotoBucket for the letter icon, Rene Hernandez for the coin, Gavin Strange for the eyeball (who also does a lot of other cool pixel art), a photo stock website called ThinkStock for the door and Adriana Mallory for posting the wind sprite sheet on Pinterest.

All riddles, except for Level 6, were found at an online riddle website called DoRiddles. The riddle in Level 6 originally appeared in J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit, during the chapter “Riddles in the Dark.” To read more of the riddles from this chapter, visit CliffNotes‘ take on the dialogue.

Thanks to everyone that made this game possible!

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Final Blogpost



The start screen of TigerTV:Showtime

This post is both melancholy and relieving! Here are the links for my two major projects TigerTV: Showtime and the game document that accompanies it. As you all know, TigerTV:Showtime is inspired by the work I do with our on campus televison station. As a result, the game follows a college student in doing tasks for the station prior to each show. Between the two versions of my game, the biggest change I made was to include a tutorial to make the subsequent three levels more understandable. I also found a web font that works across all systems. Other than those two things, I made several small alterations such as bug fixes and making certain levels easier.


The tutorial level- a new addition!

For those of you who don’t remember, my animation was titled A Cactus’ Journey. The animation tells the story of a male cactus who realizes he has made a grave mistake in his romantic relationship and then treks across town to find his female counterpart. The music used in this animation is by Tame Impala and is called “Cause I’m a Man.” The lyrics really helped me to develop the story in my mind.


A happy ending between to cacti in A Cactus’ Journey!

My DIY assignment put me on a path of disappointment. I challenged myself to make brandy snaps, a popular British dessert. Unfortunately, making these is incredibly hard and the result was ugly. It took me several hours of trying before making a batch that was in the least bit redeemable. For the full recap, check out my DIY blog post.

Overall, this was a fantastic semester and I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It feels rare to take a class and feel like I’ve not only learned something, but also gained incredibly useful skills. It’s safe to say both I and my resume are grateful! I look forward to utilizing Construct2 and Adobe Animate CC more in the future, and I hope to find a way to put the TigerTV game somewhere on our website.


Jeff Ramos created the sprite sheets I used as the basis of his project.

Kenney is the maker of the tiles I used as well as other miscellaneous items.

All music, show logos, and some of my background images were found on the communications1 server, so a special thanks to the Communication Department and TigerTV for providing me with access to that.

Thank you to Vladimir for my SoundBible tutorial sound effect.

The image of the studio I used as the background for my non-game screens was made by user Tonyp and uploaded to The skyline used in the third level is made by George Rose/Getty Images for an article about famous skylines.

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Final Post!

Hey everyone! I had a lot of fun in this class. Here is my final game , game document, and  my animation from earlier in the semester!

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Omega Pt. 2

My platform game is simply titled Omega. The narrative of this game follows the adventures of a nameless character who appeared my animation project. This character is not only immortal but invincible as well. She has survived the destruction of earth and the human race, and is now plummeting through the dark depths of the universe.

For this first part of my game I have created 2 main levels, but you can explore some of the coming levels. You can read more about my game mechanics in my game design document and play my game here.




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